Research Studies - Closed


An observational study looking at people who had been newly diagnosed as suffering with Atrial Fibrillation with a risk factor of stroke.  This was a large study that hoped to recruit people from all around the World.

Closed to recruitment.


Looked at people over the age of 60 prescribed aspirin on a regular basis. Taking aspirin is very valuable in reducing the chance of heart attacks or stroke, but it can increase the chance of getting a stomach ulcer that may, in a few cases, require hospital treatment. Research suggested that stomach ulcers may arise in people who carry a certain bacteria in their stomach: H pylori.  The study involved questions being asked about your medical history, they will also take some simple measurements and then will carry out a simple breath test for H. pylori.  If you were found to have H pylori you would have been given a placebo or treatment.

Closed to recruitment.