PPG Meeting Minutes

July 2021

Meeting Date: Wednesday 7th July 2021 Start Time: 12.30 pm
Location: Town Hall, Budleigh Salterton End Time: 1.30pm
Present: David Forward (DF); Robert Harland (RH); Sue Lake (SL); Debbie Mitchell (DM); Mike Rice (MR); Richard Waller (RW); Judy Wright (JW); Kathryn Blurton (KB); Ben Hallmark (BH); Karen Heaney (KH); Rebecca Roach (RR)
Absent: Peter Frean (PF); Chris Kitson (CK); Mark McGlade (MM); Lynette Oram (LO); Jacqui Ruhlig (JR)

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting dated 4 th May 2021 were agreed to be a true account and have been published on the practice website.

Welcome and Apologies

No further apologies received. Rebecca Roach was welcomed to the meeting.

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS)

Rebecca Roach is a PCN Pharmacist who has been qualified as a pharmacist for over 25 years. Her main role is to support the Care Homes and she is also the lead on the CPCS.

This nationwide scheme was started in other parts of the county in October 2019 and currently there are over 10,500 referrals into this service across England.

All 11 pharmacies and 7 practices in WEB will be taking part in this pilot. Money has been allocated locallay for training. Existing pharmacists have had consultation training skills and new pharmacists now have this included in their training as well as prescribing. GP staff are also being trained in how to make referrals to pharmacists.

All pharmacies have private consultation rooms which are cleaned to the same standards are GP practices.

NHSE are promoting self-care and encouraging people to take responsibility for their own health. The conditions have been selected and agreed by the 7 practices. These conditions would not initially require a doctor and patients can self-care.

It is acknowledged that 10% of patients will be referred back to the GP.

Referrals are made only with the agreement of the patient and once made the pharmacy will phone the patient back within 4 hours and offer them an appointment of their choice (eg face-to-face; telephone; video). If the pharmacist deems the patient needs an appointment with the doctor then this will be made for the patient.

Two Exmouth practices started this project on 01/07/2021 and the outcome measures will be reviewed at the end of September and shared with WEB practices.

Practice News

The practice has 22 staff and 5 partners. Over the last 12 months the practice has had 9 staff leave which included 3 retirements.

This year there have been 4 new administrators – so please bear with us whilst they are training. If you experience problems or hear of problems, please let DM know so she can review what went wrong as it may be a training issue.

Following discussion about the concerns raised by patients to the PPG, KH and BH both advised that they will welcome the move back to face-to-face consultations. Telephone consultations has in fact doubled the workload of doctors, as often you will speak with a patient on the phone and then need to bring them down for an appointment on clinical grounds. They both would like to see a move to asking patient’s if they would prefer a telephone consultation or a face-2-face over the coming weeks.

On 17/07/2021 there is a political drive to normalise life. However, as a practice we will need to adhere to medical guidelines. Safety must continue to be our priority and it may be that the wearing of masks and the use of hand santiser will continue.

Covid cases continue to rise in England and fully vaccinated people are getting infections, although the severity has reduced as have the number of deaths.

KB has advised that the practice is on standby for more information the third booster. It is felt that this may run alongside the annual flu programme for those over 70 years, the immunosuppressed and shielded patients. There is also some speculation regarding the efficacy of giving a third vaccine when many parts of the world have not received their first. KB will advise the PPG when more information is received.


PPG have reported that older patients in particular are finding the system onerous and often have given up using it in favour of a ‘phone call. Younger patients find e-Consult very helpful, especially when they are of working age

eConsult is an additional service and patients can choose whether or not they would like to use this service.

In June 2021 there were 475 eConsult users, 214 of whom submitted an eConsult to the practice

PPG Member Feedback

SL has heard from a voluntary driver regarding a Budleigh patient who attends the surgery twice weeks for leg care. She has been quite distressed by the move of this service to Exmouth Hospital. KB does know this patient and has spoken with her.

KB explained that the leg ulcer service has been commissioned to the RD&E from 01/07/2021. All 7 practices in WEB had wanted to remain involved in the delivery of this service but currently this is not the case. RD&E will be holding clinics twice weekly at the Exmouth Hospital. There are currently 50 patients within WEB (11 from Budleigh) who have been referred to this clinic. KB and the practice manager from Rolle Medical Centre are liaising with the hospital over future delivery of the service through WEB.


None received.

Any other Business

DM to contact the Exeter Nuffield regarding a patient online education session on asthma and how to manage this. SL advised that the Woodbury, Exmouth and Budleigh (WEB) Primary Care Network (PCN), in conjunction with local mental health support services, are working towards providing extended Mental Health services and peer support for children at Exmouth College and 14 Primary schools in WEB.

Next Newsletter

PPG members to send DM suggestions for the next newsletter. Currently topics:

  • Blood pressure
  • Pharmacy Triage/Treatment service

Next meeting

7th September 2021 at 12.30pm