PPG Meeting Minutes

May 2021 - AGM

Meeting Date: Tuesday 4th May 2021 Start Time: 12.00 noon
Location: Zoom Meeting End Time: 12.29 pm
Present: Tania Davis (TD); David Forward (DF); Peter Frean (PF); Robert Harland (RH); Chris Kitson (CK); Sue Lake (SL); Mark McGlade (MM); Debbie Mitchell (DM); Jacqui Ruhlig (JR); Judy Wright (JW); Lynette Oram (LO);Mike Rice (MR); Richard Waller (RW)
Absent: None

Welcome and Apologies

Approval of the Previous AGM minutes

No AGM was held in 2020 due to Covid pandemic

Chairperson’s Report 2020/2021

See Appendix 1. All members thanks SL for her publications and the sharing of information through emails over the previous year.

Election and Re-Election of Committee Members for 2021/2021

To continue for a further year in view of the current pandemic and the associated restrictions upon open public meetings.

Appointment of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary for 2021/2022

To continue for a further year in view of the current pandemic and the associated restrictions upon open public meetings.

Any other business

Younger PPG members to be encouraged to join the PPG. Agreed a change in time to accommodate school time-tables may be required.

PPG recruitment in autumn 2021 if possible.

CK reports that in general terms patients are pleased and grateful that the medical centre is functioning as “normal”

TD has advised the workload is increased and that the practice has returned to “business as usual” albeit a slightly different one to pre Covid. The practice does still need to adhere to social distancing for the safety of our patients and staff. Support for patients who had had the Covid vaccine and are still experiencing symptoms has increased. Sadly, mental health issues amongst the younger population is more apparent – youngsters having dealt with home schooling and isolation from friends for so long are now struggling considerably. Older folk have struggled with isolation and loneliness during the pandemic.

SL spoke about the developing Local Care Partnership across Eastern Devon – Please contact the surgery if you would like a copy of the report

SL spoke about the Eastern Locality Form – Please contact the surgery if you would like a copy of the report

Meeting Closure

The meeting closed at 12.29pm.

Appendix 1:

  • Budleigh Salterton GP Practice
  • Patient Participation Group
  • Chairpersons report AGM May 2021

Well, the past year really has been unique with challenges never faced before! However, in spite of that our Budleigh Salterton Medical Centre has worked hard to rise to those challenges and supported an amazing local Covid vaccination programme. It has been a very difficult time for all at the Medical Centre but they have made the necessary changes to working practice in order to keep both staff and patients safe and we know this is much appreciated.

During the pandemic the Patient Participation Group (PPG) meetings have continued with the aid of “Zoom” and “Teams,” and whilst meetings on screen are not the same as meeting in the same room we continue to work together very well. Through these regular meetings with members of the Medical Centre the PPG continues to actively represent patients in the Budleigh area. Although restrictions mean we cannot communicate so easily with those we represent we have received very positive feedback regarding the vaccination clinics and the care provided from the Medical Centre. It is acknowledged that, whilst the service is not the same as usual, face to face consultations are still available. It would be fair to say that e-Consult receives mixed reviews with several people reporting that they find it lengthy and cumbersome to use but many have found it useful.

Dr. Richard Mejzner retired last Autumn but is still to be seen out and about as he helps with the vaccination programme! The PPG are very grateful to Dr Mejzner for his many years of proactive support for the PPG. Dr Tania Davies now regularly joins our meetings and keeps us up to date with the activities of the Medical Centre as well as giving careful thought and response to any concerns we raise.

Our PPG Newsletter is posted online at the Medical Centre website and in addition many people receive it electronically. Please let the Medical Centre know if you would like to be on the list to receive it this way. We hope it will not be too long now before we can place hard copies of the Newsletter at local venues again, such as the Library.

Recently we have taken the decision to withdraw our membership of the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP). We have found that NAPP has little or no value for the PPG. We have good working relationships with the Primary Care Network, the Clinical Commissioning Group, RD&E plus the Woodbury, Exmouth and Budleigh (WEB) Community Health & Wellbeing Board and so consider that we are sufficiently well armed with up-to-date information which is pertinent to the patients of the Medical Centre.

Looking to the future there are changes ahead in the way that the NHS interacts with local communities and we will keep abreast of that; in particular the organisations that are being established in support of the programme known as the Integrated Care System. This aims to establish closer working between the NHS, local councils together with the private and voluntary sectors.

We would love to have the younger community in the area represented on the PPG so if you know of anyone who might be interested in joining us please let us know. I am aware that membership of such organisations is well received on University applications!

Please don’t forget that the Medical Centre website holds lots of useful information as well as details of the PPG. We plan to hold health information sessions again as soon as Covid restrictions permit and look forward to seeing you then.