PPG Meeting Minutes

November 2021

Meeting Date: Tuesday 2nd November 2021 Start Time: 12.30 pm
Location: The Peter Hall, Budleigh Salterton End Time: 1.30pm
Present: David Forward (DF); Sue Lake (SL); Mike Rice (MR); Brian Taylor (BJT) Peter Frean (PF); Chris Kitson (CK); Jacqui Ruhlig (JR); Richard Waller (RW); Mark McGlade (MM); Judy Wright (JW); Deborah Mitchell (DM); Ellie Rejzl (ER)

Tania Davis (TD); Lynette Oram (LO); Richard Waller (RW)

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting dated 7th September 2021 were agreed previously to be a true account and have been published on the practice website.

Welcome and Apologies

Tania Davis and Richard Waller sent their apologies.

Practice Update

Dr Ellie Rejzl joined the meeting and introduced herself to the members. She has been a salaried GP at Budleigh since November 2020 having grown up in Topsham and completing her GP training in Exeter. Ellie has clinics Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

SL mentioned that in the media patients were still not being seen face to face. This is not the case in Budleigh and patients have a choice where clinically appropriate.

PF asked why the waiting room was empty whereas pre pandemic it was full. This can be attributed to a number of reasons including that patients are asked to arrive on time and not early to avoid waiting; patients are asked to come alone where possible; patients no longer make appointments or collect prescriptions from the front desk. DM confirmed that there were the same number of appointments available as pre pandemic and clinics were full to capacity.

RH asked why patients were no longer able to have an appointment on the day of phoning. DM confirmed this was not the case and that there was a daily duty doctor for urgent on the day appointments. It was reiterated that the duty doctor was not there for non-urgent needs – these patients would be offered a pre bookable appointment or asked to phone at 8.00am for an on the day appointment.

ER advised that on her last duty list patients were actually booked in at 1 minute intervals due to the volume of patients requesting urgent attention.


DF advised there was general confusion with patients about who to contact regarding vaccines.

1st and 2nd Vaccines: Patients can be book appointments through the National Booking Service online or 119.

3rd Vaccines: A number of patients on certain medications or with blood disorders will be recommended to have a 3rd vaccine. This can be booked through their consultant or they can use the “drop-in” service at Greendale if they have a consultant letter. Alternatively patients can contact the Devon Vaccine Centre on 01752 398836.

Boosters: Patients can have a booster vaccine 6 months following their 2nd vaccine. This can be booked through the National Booking Service online, 119 or through the medical centre. There has been a duplication invitations, but patients can be advised that they can book their vaccine through any of the aforementioned methods.

NHS Covid Pass: This is available online through the government website or if you do not have access to the internet you can request a letter through 119 and this will arrive within 5 working days. Booster vaccines do not show on these passes. The surgery is unable to help with this.

Devon Vaccine Centre: For any queries relating to the vaccine that 119 is unable to help then please call 01752 398836.

Volunteers: The Local Vaccine Centre at the Exmouth LED has asked for weekend volunteers aged 18 plus. There is no upper age limit.

Lloyds Pharmacy

Concerns have been raised about Lloyds Pharmacy.

DM spoke with Amy, manager at Little Lloyds for an update. Evelyn is back from maternity leave and is the pharmacist at Large Lloyds. She works 5 days per week with either a Monday or Saturday day off. Geoff is the pharmacist for Little Lloyds. He works 5 days per week and has Mondays off.

Every week locum pharmacists are required to cover one day at each pharmacy additional to annual leave and sickness and there are very few locum pharmacists living in the South West. Lloyds paid a relocation fee for Evelyn to move to Devon. It is a legal requirement to have a pharmacist on the site prior to opening the front doors and therefore Lloyds are unable to open without a pharmacist.

Patients can request prescriptions are “released” from Lloyds so they can go to another pharmacy. They will be given a code which can be given to any other pharmacy in order to receive their medication.

CK and MM advised that there were only 2 pharmacy licences in Budleigh and these were both held by Lloyds Pharmacy who had previously advised they were trading as 2 independent businesses.

Action: SL to write to Lloyds Pharmacy Head Office

Friends and Family Test

Currently suspended by NHS England until at least 31/12/20221.

On 02/09/2021 the practice sent 250 randomised mobile invitations to complete an online Friends and Family Test to patients who had received either a face to face appointment or a telephone consultation in August 20221. I has been agreed that this will continue on a monthly basis and the results will be reviewed by the PPG. MR has collated the most recent results and this has been distributed to the PPG members.

MR advises that there were 95% positive responses which is the same as pre pandemic in spite of the media. On comparison with other surgeries Budleigh is excellent.

PPG congratulated the practice on excellently managed Flu and Covid Vaccination clinincs.


  • A visiting PPG Chairperson contacted SL with positive feedback regarding the newsletter.

Next Newsletter (Winter 2021)

This will be ready for Tuesday 7th December. Topics agreed to be included:

  • ER will ask GPs for a topical medical issue
  • Appointments
  • Family and Friends Test – MR

Any Other Business

  • Ways2Wellbeing: The contact for this enablement service ends 02/12/2021. There is no further information available at the current time.
  • Mental Health Ambassadors: ECC has restarted this programme and there are 40 youngsters now able to support their peers with mental health.
  • CAMHS: There is now a mental health worked based at ECC 5 days per week.
  • HeadsUp: A project commissioned by the WEB PCN for raising mental health awareness in primary schools. SL advised this had not progressed in Budleigh.
  • PPG Members: SL advised that there were 2 young students from ECC who would like to become members of the PPG.
  • Staff Shortages: MM discussed that there was a massive shortage of care providers across all sectors.

Next meeting

Tuesday 11th January 2022, 12.30pm – 1.30pm.