PPG Meeting Minutes

January 2023

Meeting Date: Tuesday 10th January 2023 Start Time: 12.30 pm
Location: Norman Centre, Public Hall End Time: 1.30pm
Present: Kathryn Blurton (KB); Dr Brian Taylor (BT); David Forward (DF); Robert Harland (RH); Sue Lake (SL); Mike Rice (MR);); Chris Kitson (CK); Jacqui Ruhlig (JR)); Richard Waller (RW); Judy Wright (JW)
Absent: Deborah Mitchell (DJM); Peter Frean (PF); Lynette Oram (LO); Mark McGlade (MM)

Welcome and Apologies

Debbie Mitchell, Lynette Oram and Peter Frean sent apologies.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting, dated 8th November, were agreed to be a true account and will be published on the practice website.

Action update from these minutes:

All these are covered in the following agenda.

Practice Update

KB reported that the Medical Centre remains under pressure from workload demands but the team are working together well and face to face appointments are maintained. All requests for an appointment are also offered a telephone conversation as an alternative. BT reported this offer is very well received and that in many cases it is an effective way of advising and treating patients and it minimises both time and travel for patients. However, if symptoms require or a patient insists upon a face-to-face consultation this will be offered but may not always be on the same day. BT said that the team spirit in the Medical Centre was excellent, but they all struggle with being unable to deliver the level of service they would like to all the time. He also reported that patients are often very complimentary about the service they receive and this is much appreciated as it helps morale.

A new GP (Dr Craven) has joined the team and has fitted in very quickly, her skills and expertise are a welcome addition to the practice

The Medical Centre would appreciate PPG feedback, from a patient perspective, on the prescribing processes and also the telephone system. Please would volunteers let SL know and she will pass these on to the Medical Centre.

The pressures which face the NHS were discussed and BT reported that there are obvious societal changes taking place whereby the NHS is now seen as the first port of call for all ailments whereas historically people have tried to treat illnesses themselves before seeking help from the NHS, the resulting demand has increased very significantly.

The ebike project is on hold at present.

SL thanked KB and BT for attending today, their support for the PPG at a difficult time is most welcome.

Lloyds Pharmacy

It has been  announced publicly that Lloyds are in the process of negotiating the sale of their two businesses in the town. There is an article in the Budleigh Journal this week about it. SL and CK continue to lobby the NHS and local MP to consider awarding the two licences to two different businesses and encourage a level of competition; this may help to mitigate the issues arising from the service we have seen over the past year or so. It is understood that the end of May is the target date for completion of negotiations.

Local Young People’s health care concerns

SL gave an overview of recent feedback she has heard from young people in the Woodbury, Exmouth and Budleigh community, many young people are unhappy with being given a clinical name for what they see as issues which they simply need to discuss and resolve. They

believe that having an independent listening ear available to talk over the usual problems of being a teenager can enable many of their concerns to be resolved quickly. They would then feel better equipped to deal with problems in the future. Resilience is what they are trying to build. BT said he sometimes sees patients with simple problems that could be easily resolved with informal chat and also relate to his earlier comments about societal change.

Friends & Family test

MR reported that DM sent him details of a recent patient survey which he has then collated. The results are very encouraging and many speak well of the Medical Centre. Concerns about the length of time a phone call takes to get through to the Medical Centre remain and some people are unhappy that they were not able to see the doctor whom they regard as “their own”. Please see attached document for details

PPG Feedback

Covered in the agenda items.

Planning for AGM/Elections

SL reminded the PPG team that the AGM falls due in May. At the next meeting we should agree a date and format. Please would all members keep an ear open for potential new members to our committee. RW said that his partner may like to join, SL to meet with her when convenient. Inclusion of a health & wellbeing speaker at the AGM was discussed, we have not yet addressed the topic of young people’s respiratory disease.

PPG information Board

SL will discuss with DJM how members can keep this up to date in the Foyer.

PPG Name Change

All agreed to keep the PPG name as is, other PPGs in the area have made changes but there is no need for us to do so.

2023 Meeting Dates

All dates fine as advertised but the May date will need to change as it is now Coronation Day.

Next meeting

March 7th 2022, 12:30pm Norman Centre, Public Hall