PPG Meeting Minutes

July 2023

Meeting Date: Tuesday 4th July 2023 Start Time: 12:30pm
Location: Norman Centre, Public Hall End Time: 1:30pm
Present: David Forward (DF); Sue Lake (SL); Mark McGlade (MM); Deborah Mitchell (DM); Mike Rice (MR); Chris Kitson (CK); Liz Plaatsman (LP); Jacqui Ruhlig (JR); Judith Sedgwick (JS); Judy Wright (JW)
Absent: Robert Harland (RH); Lynette Oram (LO)

Welcome and Apologies

Robert Harland and Lynette Oram sent apologies.

Budleigh Community Workshop Trust

At the onset £425,000 was raised to purchase the old fire station in Budleigh Salterton.  Planning permission to turn the building into a workshop was approved with work being done during Covid.  The doors opened to the public in May 2021 with a current footfall of about 200 per week.

It is Charity sustained by the commitment of local volunteers who give generously of their time and practical expertise for the betterment and wellbeing of the Community. It is self-sufficient and the income generated covers ongoing costs with a contingency fund of £15,000.

The workshop hosts a range of activities which are practical, creative and social and include carpentry, basic DIY, model making and woodturning in the downstairs workshop; and knitting, crochet, book groups and quilting upstairs in The Loft.  There is a stair lift and disable access.

Instructor-led activities are typically facilitated by qualified local volunteers and trainers in their field of expertise. Some workshops are delivered by outside trainers. 

The Loft Meeting room can accommodate up to 15 people subject to the activity and particularly suited for ‘clean’ crafts such as textile and needlework, writing and study activities, discussion and support group work.

The building is not at capacity.  Currently every weekday morning is booked and all-day Thursday.  Access is through a keypad.  Weekends are not booked, and they would welcome private groups to use this space.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting, dated 7th March 2023, were agreed to be a true account and will be published on the practice website.

Practice Updates

Two new administration ladies, Ann and Sally will be welcomed to the team in July. 

The Saturday flu clinics will be held on 23rd and 30th September 2023.  The practice will be sending an SMS invite to all eligible patients which will allow them to book directly into a slot that suits them. A letter will be sent to any patients with no listed mobile number.

Clarepharm Budleigh

CK advised that on a positive note the staff at Large Clarepharm seemed much happier; the service had improved; and the home delivery service was excellent.  There had been a string of negative comments on Facebook with reference to Small Clarepharm and this mirrors comments from the community.

Kathryn Blurton, Lynette Oram and the management team from Clarepharm had a meeting on 14/06/2023.  Minutes of this meeting have been distributed by LO on 15/06/2023. 

NB: Following the meeting DM spoke with the area manager from Clarepharm who advised the team were focusing on the dispensary side of the business initially and stocking medical items rather than toiletries unrelated to health.  She has contacted some of those commenting on Facebook to see how she can help and would encourage service uses to go direct to the branch with any complaints.  She is very approachable and proactive.

Health and Wellbeing Patient Talk

The last talk in October 2019 was delivered by two cardiology consultants from Exeter hospital and held at Seachange.  This would be the preferred venue for a further talk.

Suggested topics: Dermatology; Gastroenterology; Macular Degenerative Disease; Cardiology; Asthma; Diabetes.

Action: DM to contact the Nuffield and request a speaker for one of the above topics in October 2023.

PPG Member Feedback

No feedback in addition to the points raised under other agenda items.

Family and Friends Update

LP has taken over this role and has reviewed March to June 2023 figures.

2000 SMS were sent to patients in this time period with just 115 (5.75%) responses.

  • Extremely Likely: Vary from 73% to 83%
  • Likely: Vary from 14% to 29%
  • Unlikely numbers are very small: 7 for the 4 months!

In summary, the FFT has given the BSMC some excellent feedback where communication has gone well from the start of the initial contact, however the FFT shows there are still opportunities to improve the patient experience.  The importance of the FFT is that patients know there is a process to express their views and those views are listened to. 


This will be ready by the first week in August 2023.

Any Other Business

SL discussed some negative feedback from a vulnerable patient.  The details are not included in the minutes as the patient did not want to be identified.  DM has recorded the facts and will investigate the event.  This will be raised with the partners at their next clinical meeting and feedback given to SL to pass to the patient.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 5th September 2023, 12:30pm Norman Centre, Public Hall