PPG Meeting Minutes

November 2023

Meeting Date: Tuesday 7th November 2023 Start Time: 12:30pm
Location: Norman Centre, Public Hall End Time: 1.45pm
Present: David Forward (DF); Robert Harland (RH); Peter Frean (PF); Sue Lake (SL); Chris Kitson (CK); Mark McGlade (MM); Deborah Mitchell (DM); Lynette Oram (LO); Liz Plaatsman (LP); Jacqui Ruhlig (JR); Judy Wright (JW)
Absent: Judith Sedgwick (JS)

1. Welcome and Apologies

Apologies received from Judith Sedwick and Julia Vaughan-Smith.

Philip Griffin, Chairman of the Budleigh Salterton Health Centre Charity had been due to join the meeting, but it was later realised that DM had given him an incorrect date. An apology for this has been made and he has been invited to the next meeting.

DM gave an update on the charity. The following information is available on the practice website:

“The Budleigh Salterton Health Centre Charity was set up in 1996 with the objective to relieve sickness and preserve health amongst persons permanently or temporarily resident in the catchment area of Budleigh Salterton Medical Centre. In practical terms the Charity provides equipment and facilities for the direct benefit of patients over and above that which is normally found in routine medical practice.

The Charity has received donations through fund raising and legacies and is managed by Trustees who volunteer their time. Most of our patients have benefitted from the one or more of the many items bought by the Charity over the years without even knowing.

For example, did you know that the Charity funded the equipment in the clinical room at Seachange?

If you have attended for a Minor Operation, then you may have noted there is both a cautery and a procedure light which Dr Hallmark uses - these were funded by the Charity.

The Charity provided Donna and Martin with Doppler Audio Machines which are used daily to the check the feet of diabetic patients to ensure their pulses are present and to prevent amputation.

In February 2023 the Charity provided two new examination couches which are designed for the multi-purpose needs of general practice, including phlebotomy, minor surgery, recovery, gynaecology, podiatry, and general examination. An added benefit of these couches is the ability to go low to the ground enabling even the frailest of patients to be able to “hop on” to the couch with a steadying arm from the doctor and then for the beds to be raised to the correct level of comfort for each doctor.”

2. Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting, dated 5th September 2023, were agreed to be a true account and will be published on the practice website.

3. Practice Updates

Dr Brian Taylor will be taking up the position of Clinical Director for WEB Primary Care Network in November 2023. His role will be to provide leadership by working with all practices to help improve the quality and effectiveness of the services provided through the PCN. He will be supported by a PCN Manager.

Brian’s usual working days as a GP at the practice are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. He will therefore work for the PCN on a Wednesday or Friday.

WEB PCN was established as part of the primary care contract in April 2019. The remit of a PCN is to build strong relationships between local practices to help provide integrated services to our combine population.

Funding is provided for ARRS (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme) roles whereby staff are employed to support all practices within their PCN. Initially the PCN employed one pharmacist and over the last few years we now have a team of pharmacists, mental health workers, frailty team, paramedic, and first contact physiotherapists. All these roles are evolving and support the 50,000 plus patients in our PCN.

Visit their website

4. Clarepharm Budleigh

The practice has had a further meeting with Natalie who is the Area Manager, this was very positive and both the practice and the pharmacy have good communication via either email or Whatsapp for more urgent queries.

CK has been in contact with NHS England regarding the two licences held by Clarepharm, which they now run from a single premises in the town. CK has been advised that the Pharmacy Commissioning Team is reviewing this.

RH and CK have heard negative comments from users. It was noted there are some customers who could be kinder and more polite towards the staff.

SL has heard mixed reviews but confirmed that Natalie will be joining the meeting in January 2024, which will be 6 months post their start in Budleigh. Any concerns will be raised directly with Natalie at that point.

5. Health and Wellbeing Patient Talk

The last talk in October 2019 (pre Covid) was delivered by two cardiology consultants from Exeter hospital and held at Seachange. This would be the preferred venue for a further talk.

We currently have no further updates, clinical services are very busy but we have been assured that a talk will be arranged as soon as is viable. DM is awaiting dates in January and July 2024 from Exeter Nuffield and has advised them that the PPG is flexible to suit the speaker, but would need notice to promote the events.

6. PPG Member Feedback

Concerns were expressed by MMc about an influx of new carers and the challenges faced by some care organisations. Other feedback noted under agenda items.

7. Family and Friends Update

LP has reviewed the recent results of the FFT. There were 59 responses and all made comments which were mostly very positive. 83% responded they would be “extremely likely” to recommend the practice and there was one “unlikely” to recommend response.

“Not an improvement note but rather a feedback one... Both Dr Taylor and Dr Woollcott have been brilliant in terms of listening and helping in my last consultations. I view Budleigh Salterton as an exceptional practice, and myself and my family are extremely lucky to be able to call on its services when needed. Thank you to them all!”

“No, it was faultless, a caring gentle nurse took blood.”

“I thought it was very strange that I was unable to book a consultation over the weekend for an appointment the following week. I am only able to go online”

Discussion was had around booking online appointments. DM advised that GP appointments were not available for booking online as it was necessary to triage patients prior to booking to ensure they went to the correct person.

Currently patients can book for specific appointments such as bloods tests, smears, flu vaccination and we have started to send SMS messages to patients with links where they can book directly into the correct appointment. This link will last for 7 days. DM advised that the number of appointments available online needs to be reviewed by the practice and a greater number made available where possible.

8. Newsletter

This will be ready by the first week in December 2023. Topics to be included are as discussed in the previous meeting - the process for the issuing of blood test results, the locations where phlebotomy clinics are held – this needs to be made clear to patients who are turning up at venues only to find they should be elsewhere. In addition, the team think patients would like to see Covid advice and Information about working hours at the MC over the festive period.

9. Any other business

SL advised there had been 3 recent youth fayres with 240 primary school children; 400+ Year 8 secondary school children and 90+ Post 16 students. The fayres introduced pupils and teachers to available support for issues such as mental health, addiction, safe driving, sport and youth club activities, suicide and healthy eating. During the event the WEB Community Health & Wellbeing Board were advised that drink/driving amongst young people is far less, however, there is a significant increase in drug problems across the area and county lines are of particular concern to the local police.

County lines is the police term used to describe gangs supplying drugs to suburban areas, market and coastal towns across the UK using dedicated mobile phone lines. These organised crime networks exploit children and young people to store, move, sell, and deliver their drugs, often making them travel across counties. Any concerns should be passed to the police the non-emergency number for the police is 101.

There is a new headmaster in post at Exmouth Community College and a new head of post 16, both of whom were actively engaged in the faryres.

WEB PPG Chairpersons meeting on 28/11/2023 will take place at Haldon House Surgery in Exmouth at 9.00am. LO will attend with SL on behalf of Budleigh PPG.

10. Next meeting:

January 9th 2024, 12:30pm Norman Centre, Public Hall.