PPG Meeting Minutes

September 2023

Meeting Date: Tuesday 5th September 2023 Start Time: 12:30pm
Location: Norman Centre, Public Hall End Time: 1:20pm
Present: David Forward (DF); Sue Lake (SL); Chris Kitson (CK); Liz Plaatsman (LP); Judith Sedgwick (JS); Judy Wright (JW); Robert Harland (RH); Peter Frean (PF)
Absent: Jacqui Ruhlig (JR): Lynette Oram (LO): Mark McGlade (MM); Deborah Mitchell (DM)

1. Welcome and Apologies

Jacqui Ruhlig, Lynette Oram and Mark McGlade sent apologies.  Debbie Mitchell was unavoidably detained just before the meeting and the Medical Centre was unable to be represented at very short notice.

2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting dated July 4th 2023:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with the modification to remove Mike Rice’s name as he did not attend. He has stepped down from the PPG. The minutes will be published on the Medical Centre’s website.

3. Practice Updates

In DMs absence there was no update.

4. Practice Complaints Process 

In DMs absence there was no update.

5. Clarepharm Pharmacy Update

SL had a meeting with the Manager of Clarepharm who had articulated the company’s commitment to Budleigh Salterton and surrounding villages. The Pharmacy wishes to merge the two licences for the area and run their business from the smaller of the two premises, this is undergoing NHS consideration. The pharmacy will be offering ‘flu jabs and hopes to provide Covid jabs too, but this is awaiting approval from the NHS. A conversation ensued and CK raised his concerns about the merger and other concerns in the Exmouth area as well as some comments on Facebook. On behalf of himself he is raising these concerns with the NHS and the local MP. Other members of the group had not heard of concerns from the local community although RH reported a delayed opening on one day. This occurred because of travel delays experienced by the pharmacist. It was reported that if medications are not available when a prescription is collected, they are provided within a couple of days.

6. Topic for future Health and Wellbeing information sessions

In DMs absence there was no update.

PPG Member Feedback:

LP attended the PPG Chairpersons Meeting on 18/07/23 in SLs absence. She reported that the Ness Care Group had provided a talk about the Dementia Hub that is due to open on September 11th in Exmouth. LP distributed information leaflets. In addition, LP advised that the merger between the Claremont and Rolle GP Practices in Exmouth is due to complete in April 2024.There was also an update on WEB Community Health and Wellbeing Board, at this meeting. SL circulates the minutes to all attendees of this meeting, together with any updates from the East Devon LCP VCSE, which are relevant to patients of the MC. Admiral Nurses were discussed too, there is just one nurse currently in WEB (there were 3) owing to a drop in funding. The waiting list is presently closed because it exceeds 40 carers waiting for help. This service is funded by donation and discussions are underway as to how the wider community may be able to help support the service.

SL reported that the MC remain very concerned about the significant dip in the pavement outside the MC. This presents a potential risk to patients, particularly those using mobility scooters and other walking aids.CK to contact Councillor Christine Channon of DCC to see if this problem can be addressed.  Post meeting note: There are no recently reported incidents and it was decided not to proceed with any action at this time. However, Christine Channon has said she will mention it at the next DCC meeting (12/09/23) to ensure the condition of the pavement is not forgotten.

7. Friends and Family Update:

No information available at this meeting.

8. Newsletter

The next edition will be in December. Topics the team wished to include were the process for the issue of blood test results and where phlebotomy clinics are held – this needs to be made clear to patients who are turning up at venues only to find they should be elsewhere. In addition, the team think patients would like to see Covid advice and Information about working hours at the MC over the Christmas holiday

9. Any other business

There was none

10. Next meeting:

Tuesday 7th November 2023, 12:30pm Norman Centre, Public Hall