How to Make and Cancel an Appointment

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You can now use the internet to book and cancel appointments with a GP, request repeat prescriptions for any medications you take regularly and look at your medical record online.

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      I still need to see or talk to someone at the surgery

Feedback to the practice suggests that at times our appointment system can feel complicated.  We hope that if we outline how the system works it will make using it feel easier.

The tension that exists for us is making sure that every day we have enough spaces to see people that need to be seen on that day. We also need to be able to offer follow up appointments for people whose problems need ongoing review, at the same time ensuring continuity with the clinicians who are looking after them. We also wish to provide the opportunity to book ahead for people to make it easier for those working or with difficulties with transport to the surgery.

The first hour of surgery each morning is reserved for appointments booked in advance. A few other appointments through the day may be booked as well, for the reasons explained above.

As a practice we see everyone who wishes it, on the day they have contacted us. What we are not able to do is to guarantee which doctors are available as demand varies so much day to day.

We work as a team and try to manage a system that allows continuity of care but flexibility in recognising that all the clinicians develop areas of increased expertise so that one’s registered doctor may not always be the best person to see with regard to a particular problem.  For many straight forward problems it will clearly not matter who the clinician is and any of us would be happy to help.

When you contact us you will be able to be seen on that day. If you wish to see a particular doctor you can book in advance but it may be at times there are no appointments for several weeks.  We hope if the problem is straightforward you will consider seeing another doctor.  However, if it is with regard to something that needs the continuity/skill of a particular doctor, then the receptionist can take a message for that doctor to contact you to ensure the appropriate follow up is arranged.

For people working away and for those who find it difficult to get in within normal surgery opening hours we run extended surgeries that can be booked in advance:

  • Saturday morning: 8-30 am to 12-30 pm

Our phones are very busy when the surgery opens at 8-00 am.  It is much quieter and easier to get through after 9-00 am.  Please remember we always see everyone on the day that you contact us and it might not be necessary to phone at 8-00 am.