Medicine Wastage

Did You know as much as £5.5 million is wasted each year in Devon on unused medicines?

The same amount could pay for:

  • 730 heart bypass operations
  • 1000 hip replacements
  • 2235 knee replacements
  • 1070 cataract operations


YOU can help use this NHS money in Devon more wisely

CHECK- look at your supplies - only order the items you need

LISTEN- listen to the advice of your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and take the medicines as instructed on the label

TELL- tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacisit if your medicines are not agreeing with you or that you have stopped taking them

TICK- tick only the medicines you need and remember 'tick in haste-medicines waste'

OPEN -open your bag of medicines at the pharmacy and if there are items you have not requested or surplus please return these before leaving.